Blunt advice about cannabis.

We will put our team to work for you.

The cannabis industry is in full bloom, and Abeles and Hoffman has a team dedicated specifically to help you successfully navigate the opportunities and uncertainties of this emerging market and grow your business. With so many existing growers and retailers quickly expanding and new players entering the field constantly, it can be difficult to know which opportunities to cultivate and which to compost.

We have the integrity, insight, and solutions you need for rapid but smart growth. Abeles and Hoffman can assist your cannabis-related business with:

  • Accounting Systems
  • Administration of Taxes Other than Income Tax
  • Banking
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Entity Type
  • Internal Control Structures
  • Inventory & Sales
  • Legal and Operational Structure
  • Tax Planning for Business Expenses

You have high expectations for your cannabis business, and we have the advice and expertise to help you plant your seeds and watch them grow.  Find out why we are the trusted partner for a growing number of successful cannabis businesses.