Why Abeles and Hoffman?

Abeles and Hoffman boasts staff retention rates that are much higher than the accounting industry average because every team member here is valued, recognized and motivated. We know that our collective success hinges on the individual success of every team member. This is why we offer a wide range of continuing professional education, on-the-job mentoring, and career advancement opportunities to all team members.

The work environment at Abeles and Hoffman is built upon our unique perspective of life/work balance.  We treat our team with compassion and consider each team member to be a part of our extended family.  We commit to providing flexible work arrangements, mentoring, and firm-sponsored activities that are filled with fun rather than just filling time. This in turn motivates our team members to achieve for themselves while making a meaningful contribution to the firm’s overall success.

If you want an employer that sees you for more than mere productivity, you need to work in an environment where creativity, diversity and new ideas are welcomed, hard work is rewarded, and team collaboration leads to success. This is the environment waiting for you at Abeles and Hoffman!

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