• Employee vs. Contractor: Is the Sharing Economy Here to Stay?

    If one wonders whether the sharing economy is here to stay, one piece of data from “The Economist” will easily answer that question. In March 2015, more than 250,000 rooms were booked by 40,000 people in 192 countries across the globe through Airbnb.

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  • Tax, Estate Planning and Benefits Opportunities for Same-Sex Couples

    On June 26, the Supreme Court made a historic ruling in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, affirming a constitutional right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Prior to this decision, the following 13 states still did not recognize same-sex marriage:

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  • Tip: Help for Small Businesses with Employee Retirement Plans

    Many small business owners are unable to offer their employees retirement savings plans because they are overwhelmed with concerns regarding current regulatory issues and fiduciary responsibilities. This situation has become more critical in the past decade.

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  • Essential Elements of a Business Succession Plan

    Retirement is calling. And then the reality hits: you will not be at the helm of your business forever, and it might be time for you to start finding the perfect employees to take over.

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