Keith Rauch Current

Keith joined the Abeles and Hoffman team in 2014. As a principal, his responsibilities include overseeing tax and accounting engagements and providing invaluable staff training. Keith specializes in rendering tax and consulting services to the firm’s clients, including consolidated C Corporations, S Corporations, complex partnerships, and high net-worth individuals. He has experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, real estate, retail, construction, software, medical practices, and professional services.

With a decade of experience, Keith has developed the knowledge and expertise to assist his clients with the most complex tax and consulting engagements. He has a proven track record of identifying tax minimization and planning techniques, resulting in significant tax savings.  In one case, he advised a new consolidated C Corporation client that had been filing separate state income tax returns that they were no longer prohibited from filing consolidated returns, which would allow the losses sustained by one subsidiary to offset the income of another. Keith used a pertinent state Supreme Court ruling to amend the open state income tax returns to retroactively elect to file on a consolidated basis, resulting in a net refund of over $1 million.

Raised in Kirkwood, Missouri with two older brothers, Keith currently lives in Des Peres, Missouri. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching Cardinals baseball, Mizzou basketball and football, and practicing photography.

Fun Questions

What year did you join Abeles & Hoffman?

What are your responsibilities at the firm? Please include any specific industries you serve.
I oversee tax, accounting, and consulting engagements, and staff training. I assist in firm management and serve as an internal subject matter expert in several areas; including partnership taxation, depreciation (including the Repair Regulations), PPP loans, and others. I also oversee internal IT matters.

Tell me about where you attended college and the degree(s) you earned? Did you have any special accomplishments?
I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Accounting (with certificates in taxation and information systems) from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

What is your favorite thing about living in St. Louis?
Good people; good food; good sports teams.

Tell me a little about your family.
My family tree includes a Saint (St. Arnulf of Metz), a witch convicted at the Salem Witchcraft Trials (Mary Perkins Bradbury), and a Founding Father (Benjamin Franklin).

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
I would spend more time reading/learning.

What fictional place would you most like to visit?
Probably most like to visit Hogwarts.

What is a new skill that you would like to master?
I’d like to learn to play the piano.

What do you wish you knew more about?
Almost everything, but if I had to choose, I’d say history.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?
India, for my best friend’s wedding celebration.

What question would you most like to know the answer to?
How to properly fold a fitted sheet…try as I might, I just can’t get it right!

What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?
It depends on who you ask…to some, deciphering complicated tax law or writing complicated formulas in Excel might seem impressive but to me, it’s just a part of the job (that is to say that I can’t think of anything that I do that impresses me).

What silly accomplishment are you most proud of?
I received the Scorekeeper Award from Intermural Bowling in middle school, needless to say, my bowling prowess is mediocre at best, but I’ve always been good with numbers.

What is your favorite smell?
Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

If you had a clock that would countdown to any one event of your choosing, what event would you want it to countdown to?
Probably my death.  Most people wouldn’t want to know, but I’m a planner and extremely deadline-driven (pun intended).

When was the last time you climbed a tree?
Probably in college.

What was your first job?
Little Caesars Pizza.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’d like that ability to control time.