“My top priority is to remain focused on what clients really want: timely and quality service. This approach ensures client satisfaction and a long standing relationship with our firm.”

Alice joined Abeles and Hoffman in 2006.  As a manager, she provides comprehensive tax and consulting services, including 401(k) audit services.  Alice works with clients in numerous industries, but she primarily serves real estate, advertising, architecture, engineering and other service firms, wholesale, retail, contracting, investment and personal holding companies.

Prior to joining Abeles and Hoffman, Alice provided tax services at several privately-held and publicly traded companies.  The expertise Alice has developed over the past 25-plus years is evident in the high quality services she provides to her clients, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Alice grew up in California and currently resides in Eureka, Missouri.  Outside of the office, she enjoys home remodeling and participating in water sports.

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