• New Tax Law Takes Aim at Helping Small Businesses

    On July 8, 2011, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed the Small Business Tax Relief Bill into law providing a possible deduction of up to $20,000 for a new hire. The law is designed to give tax relief to small businesses and help create jobs.

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  • Tax Strategies for Rental Property

    Rental property can be a great long-term investment while providing current income. However, they also can be a lot of work. And continuing the role of landlord during retirement can be downright exhausting.

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  • Tip: Start Now for Tax Savings Later

    Procrastinators rarely seize the opportunity to leverage tax breaks to the max. In order to fully benefit from the range of deductions available, small business owners must invest a little time in preparation and planning well ahead of filing deadlines. Here are some of the deductions most frequently overlooked by business owners and entrepreneurs.

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  • 2015 Tax Deduction, Exemption and Credit Update

    It is that time of the year again. The Internal Revenue Service has announced its annual adjustments for 2015 tax provisions. Many are different than last year, but some remain unchanged. Remember, the amounts listed below have nothing to do with preparing your 2014 tax return this spring. These amounts are valuable now in budgeting and tax planning for next year. Let’s look at the changes to basic deductions and expenses as well as specific ones detailed by category.

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Volume 5 Issue 1

Ronald G. Abeles