Meet Mary Cawein, one of our principals here at Abeles and Hoffman. She came to us from Maryville University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 1993 and she’s been a part of our team since the early years of the firm. As a partner, she manages accounts for business entities and individuals, including a full range of financial accounting and tax services for partners’ and shareholders’ income taxation. Mary has many years of experience in federal and state income taxation, as well as federal and state tax audits of businesses and high net worth business owners.

Mary comes from a family of eight children and lives here in St. Louis with her husband and daughter. Her favorite thing about living in St. Louis is “three out of four seasons.” “I hate winter,” she says, “But I love our baseball team!”

Mary says that if she never had to sleep again, she’d spend the extra time with her family and friends, as well as traveling. If she could visit any fictional place, it would be “a town where no one sleeps.” The farthest Mary has ever been from home is Sicily, and a connection to that part of the world might explain the strangest thing she has ever eaten. “It’s something my dad use to call ‘carduni.’ My dad and my Italian uncles use to go pick this sort of weed, fry it, and eat it.”

The best compliment Mary ever receives is when she’s told how much a kind word or deed means to someone. “I believe strongly in simple acts of kindness that sometimes can change the outcome of someone’s bad day.” With that in mind, it’s no surprise that, if Mary could have a superpower, she’d choose the ability to restore someone to good health.