Life as a Superhero

We get it. As you search for your first or next career opportunity, you want to find a place where your talents are recognized and appreciated, and where you can develop as a professional. Ultimately, you want to build your career at a firm where you have the opportunity to soar to new heights and where you enjoy spending your time.

iStock_000012681402XSmall At Abeles and Hoffman, we understand what you’re looking for in a career, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to our team.  Our team is our most important asset, which is why we frequently seek their feedback and treat them as true professionals, with trust and respect.  Due to the size of our firm, ALL of our team members have an opportunity to be the hero for the day.  Individuals at our firm tell us they value their ability to directly contribute to conquering our clients’ most complex tax and accounting challenges.  They enjoy the opportunity to become closely involved with clients and gain experience in a wide range of areas.  Our team members also appreciate Abeles and Hoffman’s flexibility and friendly culture, along with the resources, compensation and benefits found at larger firms.  Start your life of a superhero today!

The other side of a superhero’s life.

After a busy day’s work saving the day for our clients, our team members try and find their own adventure around St. Louis. In St. Louis, a playground of opportunity and adventure is always at your feet. Whether you like to hike, bike, shop or visit a museum or theater, there is something for everyone with many different social activities in the area.

iStock_000006293778XSmallTo help our team members take advantage of the beauty around us, our firm offers flexible schedules. We want to give everyone at the firm an opportunity to experience all St. Louis has to offer. The area has several beautiful golf courses.  Be sure to search the trails or find time to join one of the many sports leagues playing at Forest Park.

If you are a hiker, or just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, you may want to visit Powder Valley Nature Center or roam the Katy Trail.  If you want to have an educational experience, you may want to visit the Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum or take a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch.

If you are a sports fanatic, then St. Louis is the place for you!  Cheer on our hometown heroes as the St. Louis Cardinals win a home game and the Blues battle for the puck.  Please visit for other events and attractions.