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A Foundation Built on Integrity, Insight and Innovation

Established in 1979, Abeles and Hoffman P.C. is proud of our long, local history. Our team members still live by the same principles, which were established when the firm was founded. Our dedicated leadership strives to continually grow our practice by instilling our founding principles throughout the firm.

Guiding You to a Brighter Future

At Abeles and Hoffman, P.C., we are structured and committed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We strive to anticipate your goals and are prepared to meet them with personalized, timely service as an affordable alternative to larger firms. Through our strong work ethic and commitment to high quality, professional service, we can help your company lead the way to a successful business path.

Sound Strategy and a Solid Team—That’s how you win the game.

At Abeles and Hoffman P.C., we bring experienced players to your table with great insights on financial operations, business strategy, and tax minimization. This winning combination helps you handle the curves, the change ups and the fast balls your business faces.

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  • Eli M. Abeles
  • Kelley Wingbermuehle
  • Alice M. Foulk
  • Janice Shenker
  • Justin Reppy
  • Ronald G. Abeles
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Abeles and Hoffman regularly solicits the feedback of our clients via online satisfaction surveys. Results of the surveys are monitored closely as we strive to continually improve our client service and satisfaction.

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